Dating sites for political people

05-Sep-2017 06:56

He/she is speaking, but you are gazing lovingly into his/her eyes thinking how lucky you are having finally met your perfect match.

After looking at 190,000 Ok Cupid profiles activated in 2016 by American citizens, the site found some “high level” findings about words that are most distinguishing for liberals and conservatives, meaning “the words you see here most likely indicate someone’s political party.” Interest in shows like The Daily Show, NPR and Broad City were all very likely to distinguish you as a liberal, whereas using words such as “Jesus”, “faith”, “guns” and “Marines” would tag you as a conservative.A new paper, forthcoming in the The authors of the paper give a few possible explanations for why this is the case (for example, singles may be afraid that they will screen out potential partners who will view their beliefs as a negative), but they ignore the fact that political “interest” appears on a list of 27 other interests that include “dining out”, “camping”, “cooking”, “wine tasting” and so on.