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While this surprised me, I wondered why this even mattered since, in my mind, if you were having sex you were wearing a condom.

As it turns out, my classmate wasn’t the only one who worried and wondered about this.

At the same time, they warned against the use of soft drinks of any kind as douches after intercourse to prevent pregnancy.

While there are differences among soft drinks, all fail as effective contraceptives, the researchers noted.

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They found that Diet Coke was a most effective spermicide and the original formula Coke was also quite effective, five times more so than the reformulated “new” Coke.

And the amount of sex you have, the lengths of your relationships and number of partners could have a crucial bearing on your ability to have children. Narration: This young woman is about to be joined in happy union.

But while glossy mags, chat shows and star signs debate sex lives and what makes the perfect couple - A group of scientists in Adelaide are looking at sex and finding out it plays a much bigger role in pregnancy than we previously thought. That sex is the training ground for the womans immune system for pregnancy. the longer youve been having sex the better But there is a catch it has to be with the same partner!

But deep within her body, a battle is about to begin.

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Its her immune system versus his DNA, and important new research suggests it could determine whether or not theyll have children.“Although not recommended for postcoital contraception, partly because sperm can be found in the oviducts within minutes after intercourse, products do appear to have a spermicidal effect,” the researchers said in a letter to the New England Journal of Medicine.

As a youth Baldwin began to feel stifled by being both an African American in a racist society, and a gay man in the homophobic African American community.… continue reading »

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