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04-Sep-2017 11:27

It's a growing phenomenon that - on the surface - might seem the fairest way for separated parents to organise their lives.

Veronica Sweeney-Bird is one such mother who wishes more than anything that her two little girls were having a more relaxed, stable childhood.

This questioning has led many well-known men to adamantly defend their heterosexuality and has tarnished the reputation and careers of others.

It sounds like silliness on the surface, but often times when gossip blogs are the public’s only exposure to trans women, it spreads misinformation, validates stereotypes and causes irreparable damage.

Mariem Elgwahry, 27, and mother-of-three Nadia Choucair, 33, reportedly received letters telling them to stop their campaign for improved safety measures.

The two women were fighting for building improvements from the Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation.

He must do this to maintain his standing in our patriarchal society.

Every mother lives for those small, joyful moments when her child masters something new - a book once too challenging, the telling of a joke previously stumbled over, a food devoured that had formerly been rejected. The long nights spent wondering if they are sleeping sweetly or crying out for Mummy.

In effect, we’re telling trans women that they are only deserving of secret interactions with men, further demeaning and stigmatizing trans women.

Instead, every other Thursday, she drops one off at nursery and one at primary school, full of foreboding as she kisses them goodbye.