Who is dylan spouse dating

23-Nov-2017 11:08

The two keep their relationship pretty private, but Dayna occasionally posts picture of Dylan or the two of them together.There's no denying how stunning Dayna is -- just a quick look at her Instagram feed shows some drop-dead gorgeous modeling shots. The former child star has kept a relatively low profile in recent years, but his twin brother, Cole, is still acting.His performance in the series was highly appreciated by all the audiences.Bruce appeared as a television host of the television show called ‘Template: The Billy & Blake Show’ in the year 2005.

It looks like that chemistry spilled off-screen as well and the couple was together for a few months before things came to an end.

He worked as a host for the three years after completing four seasons and appearing in 80 episodes.

The actor can't stop gushing about Dayna Frazer, and recently posted a photograph of her along with the adorable caption, "Peep this one of a kind human 🔥how the [heck] did I land with someone like this?

Another actress who appeared on the who caught Dylan’s attention was Brenda Song.

Though they were friends on the show, they looked to be pretty close once the cameras stopped rolling.After landing career as a model, he decided to gain popularity by adopting a profession of acting.