David duchovny dating gillian anderson

29-Aug-2017 07:27

fans everywhere would die for the two of them to date.

Unfortunately, these two have never shared a romantic relationship and they aren’t dating now either.

co-star Gillian Anderson spoke out about the male-driven writing team on the show.

After news spread that the show’s reboot would use an all male writing team, Gillian mentioned that only 2 of of the series’ 207 episodes had been directed by women.

The two novels will be set in the spring of 1979, and will follow the teens as they experience life changing events that ultimately lead them to become the agents on the cult TV show.A few months ago Gillian and David were so cautious about keeping their maybe relationship under wraps that they wouldn’t even step out together in public, and now they are flirting on Twitter for the world to see!