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I have tried to put a validator within the repeater and list the controltovalidate as "rbl Choice", but it does not get recognized as a control.(Also, there are many examples online using checkboxes, but that doesn't really help me here at all...) How can I check upon the Button Click if there were no selections made in a repeater control, containing a dynamically populated Radio Button List? -S protected void Page_Load(object sender, Event Args e) private void Data Bind Questions() protected void rptr Questions_Item Data Bound(object sender, Repeater Item Event Args e) protected void btn Grade_Click (object source, Event Args e) Validation how??

Text = "" Then Msg Box("All fields are required.") Return Else If rb Admin.

To get started let's go ahead and fire up visual studio and the create a new web application / website project. The mark up would look something like this: Noticed that I've added a templatefield column so that we can add the radio button there.

Also I have set up some Bound Field columns and set the Data Fields as Row Number, Col1 and Col2.

The best workaround is to create a custom validator to validate Radio Buttons.

In this article we are going to implement a custom validator for Radio Buttons but this can easily be changed to be used by a Check Box control. You have a Radio Button and you want to make sure that the user of the application checks that Radio Button.

These columns are just dummy columns and i used it for the simplicity of this example. These columns are created by hand at the code behind file of the ASPX.