Wpf listview not updating

12-Feb-2018 12:41

wpf listview not updating-26

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When an object is added to or removed from an observable collection, the UI is automatically updated.

This happens because, when binding to an observable collection, WPF automatically adds a The Observable Collection is already bound to the Listview.

If you’re using List Views in c# (Winforms or WPF – like a List Box – but better), you’ve probably wanted to update the List View data (Items Source – I also hope you’re using binding) without blocking the UI.

Well, not write entirely, but obviously extend the existing provider.

Following is the class that I wrote for this purpose.

The obvious choice was the List View control and its Grid View View which do exactly this.

As you might expect, using this control was straightforward and it worked just like I wanted. There was one small catch: my List View was hooked up to a data source that changed dynamically (via a Binding on its Items Source property) and I noticed that when the data source was updated, the widths of the columns were not automatically adjusted to fit the new content.

It would be better if this could be self contained within the Xml Data Provider itself.