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23-Sep-2017 18:38

Rather, they are based upon the study of settlement patterns in Israel itself.Surveys of ancient settlements--pottery remains and so forth--make it clear that there simply was no great influx of people around the time of the Exodus (given variously as between 1500-1200 BCE).Therefore, not the wandering, but the arrival alerts us to the fact that the biblical Exodus is not a literal depiction.In Israel at that time, there was no sudden change in the kind or the volume of pottery being made.

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The article entitled, "Doubting the Story of Exodus," asserts that archaeology disproves the validity of the Biblical account.

At the very heart of the matter is an obligation to the other, to the dispossessed, and to the forgotten, an obligation that, as Lévy vividly recounts, he has sought to embody over decades of championing “lost causes,” from Bosnia to Africa’s forgotten wars, from Libya to the Kurdish Peshmerga’s desperate fight against the Islamic State.

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