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the named range contains entries that are wider than the data validation cell 2. Please could someone tell me what I am doing wrong? What I really want is for the log file to grow as "report nodes" are added. NET 3.5, is it possibile to use a 'validating' writer with an XSD schema? Msgbox entry validation The following Macro will not loop more than twice the error entries. Validating against a DTDHello All, I am trying to validate an xml file against a DTD. path=../../codebank/System_Xml/Xml Validating Reader/Validator/validator.src&file=validator.cs&font=3 but its not working in my case.I'd like to load an xsd schema in memory and write xml output according to the schema. Will someone help me correct it to loop indefinely? First of all, when i try to add my DTD file in Xml Schema Collection object, it throws an error saying Doc Type element is expected. VD You should not add DTDs to Xml Schema Collection. XML Tree Structure Hi Folks, I would like to take a XML document and write its data into a tree structure for a custom tree control.So please tell me your opinion and tell me the way how you would make XMLWriter better.Its not so easy to develop a good API for this matter.

In this case, the list starts almost a full cell width to the left. Thanks, Barb Reinhardt Barb, In Excel2003 I can replicate what you describe under the following conditions: 1. I have a method that returns a string that contains XML, and I need to parse that string (ie. I have tried to do this, but it does not seem to work.

We then nested another element inside the Products element by writing one more set of Xml Writer. To mark the end of the document, we simly call the Xml Writer. Close() method to save the file and stop the program from using it.